2018 San Francisco Art Institute, BFA Painting


2018    New Masters, Institute 193, Lexington, KY

2016    Body America, Rhizome Arts Series, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY



2018    Emerging Artists of California, Open Mind Art Space, Los Angeles, CA

           San Francisco Art Institute BFA Exhibition, Diego Rivera Gallery  

           Simulations, San Francisco Art Institute Courtyard, San Francisco, CA

           Tomatoes / Potatoes Will Get You, Telegraph Hill Pop-up, San Francisco, CA

           New Images of Woman, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

           Winter II Courtyard Exhibit, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2017    Winter I Courtyard Exhibit, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

           Paint Club, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

           In My Blood, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

           Unauthorized Show #469, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA

           Promotional Clutter, Real Old Paper Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2016    Powers After Hours, Mission Pop-upSan Francisco, CA

           Art & Discontent, MDRP, San Francisco, CA

           Not a Fair Image, Just an Image, Florianópolis, Brazil  

2015    David Alan Harvey Student Exhibit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2014    Latitude Artist Community Fundraiser, Land of Tomorrow, Lexington, KY 

2013    Film Photography Now, Robert C. May Gallery, Lexington, KY

           Carey Ellis Juried Exhibition, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

2012    Film Photography Now, Robert C. May Gallery, Lexington, KY

2011    Film Photography Now, Robert C. May Gallery, Lexington, KY



2018    10 Galleries Whose Founders Quit The Big City to Become Cultural Trailblazers in the

Heartland - Laura van Straaten, Vulture

Melissa Carter at Institute 193 in Lexington - Heath Stiltner, Burnaway

New Masters Against Mastery: Melissa Carter at Institute 193 - Miriam Kienle, Under Main

WRFL RiFle Magazine, Spring Issue

2017    Super Special Vol. 2 Issue 11, Vuu Studio

           Palaver Journal, Spring Issue

2016    Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review

2015    Shale Literary Journal, Spring Issue

2014    National Conference on Undergraduate Research, University of Kentucky

           Holler Poets Series, Monthly Issue

2013    North of Center, "The Artists of Holler Poets Series", June Issue

           Subbacultcha! Belgium, "Scene Report: Lexington KY", March Issue

           Holler Poets Series, Monthly Issue



2018   Clyde & Co. Art Award

          Hart Lipton Award, San Francisco Art Institute

2015   Dean's Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute